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Life of Brian

By Taylor R

"Matilda!" shouted mum, as she was packing the car for our picnic.” Hurry up we are leaving, come on." Natalie is already in the car, and your dads getting the last of the food.” If you don't hurry up we will leave you behind."
"Wait one minute mum, I can't find Lucy!"
"I found her, now come on!"
As we drove off rain began to trickle down the window, and the lime green grass began to glisten.
It was Natalie’s 7th birthday yesterday and it is mine today. I turned 5 today.

When we arrived at the picnic area I could see the delicious food that mum had packed. After lunch we tip-toed across the stream to the other side so we could splash the water on our steamy faces. Mum called from across the stream that she was just going to get some juice from the nearby store. It has been two and a half hours now since mum left and she hasn't been back. Dad, Natalie and I are just sitting on the seats looking up the road. Suddenly we heard some sirens tearing up the road and a police car stopped at the picnic area was we were. He told us to hop in the car and he would explain on the way. Dad and the police man were mumbling under there breaths and I saw dads face turn white then tears began to crawl down the sides of his face. I sat there hugging my doll Lucy as hard as I could, I new something was wrong and I was sure that it had to do with mum. Two weeks later a funeral for mum was held in our yard. I don't dare to speak to any one for they are all very big I feel as if my world around me has collapsed and threes nothing left. I don't sleep in the night anymore because I have bad dreams about what might have happened to mum.

Six years have passed and I am now 11 today. We moved from Sydney to a small estate somewhere in Victoria. I like the school that I am going to me have made a lot of new friends. Today I am walking home with Natalie it was very quiet because Natalie doesn’t speak much any more and neither do I. When we got home there was a strange lady in our lounge room. I went into the kitchen to see were dads was and he was making coffee. "Dad there is a strange lady in the lounge room."
"Um well... come in here and I will tell Natalie and you a surprise."
"Well this is Sarah and she is my new girlfriend." Although she was a little stange i didn't mind at first but then she seemed to be coming over evreyday and then she was sleeping here. Today Sarah Started to move in and dad seemed to be taking down our photos and putting up her's up on the walls. What use to be our house seemed to be transformed into a prissy pink palace.Three months later dad proposed to Sarah and she yelled out "yes," at the top of her voice. Two years later our step brother was born, Jack.
What we use to be happy to live in had turned into a horrible nightmare that wouldn't go away. All the photos in the house of us were taken down and were either of dad and sarah or Jack. Our lives are misrible now we never speak at home.

I am 18 now and I have moved out of home I don't speak to dad at all now and I have become a vet which mum had always wanted me to be. I still have my doll Lucy which sits on my bed and is still in tact.

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