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Not so peaceful day

By Zak

One peaceful morning in meadows, in outback south Australia there was three best friends Matt, Danny and Darren, and this is this is their story. It all started in 1970 when Matt got his new '69' comaro ss that was nearly as fast as his friends car its a '69' dodge charger, it could hit at least 190 mile per hour on the highway heading in land towards ularu. But this peaceful day was not to be for long.

After Matt found out about the meanest man j.d. bully's plot the demolish the orphanage and he knew that Danny and Darren would not let that happen, so he went to go and get them because he was going to need some help if he was going g to save the only place for all the orphans of all of the south.

But when he got there he found Danny and Darren tied up in the garage and their cars were gone....

So then that low down skunk went too far because taking a mans car is just not right so we had to call in some reinforcements All of them were furious they never were the type to be calm they were in bar fights every week and i don't think that they are scared because he sent a group of people to make shaw that them boys were out of the way permenently.

We all thought where would J.D hide our cars that skunk would be keen to get rid off those cars so we better check the crusher and the junk yard. While them boys were doing that Danny was calling Jesse, Harley, Krystal and they came faster than a bee stung stallion. Now J.D bit off more than he can chew. It was a plesent sound when he heard the sirens of the sherifs car hot on their tail, but they didn't have time to play around with the sherif so once they lost him they went to the city records and found the permit that J.D gave him self and took off to the state police to show them the evidence, meanwhile Danny and Darren found their cars and J.D could not demolish the orphanage and had to pay for all the damages to their cars.


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