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The Story of The Skater and Surfers

By Rhane

There were three men there names were Chris, Greg and John they were skating to the Alley. Then John yelled, "STOP!" The others turned around with a surprised faces. John was pointing to a banner that read, Quicksilver surf competition,date 5th of September 1998."We got to join that competition," said Greg.
"But we can't," said Chris.
"Why not," said John.
"Because theres a skate competition on as well," said Chris pointing to a banner.It was a banner for a skate competition on the same day.

They kept on skating to the Alley, thinking what competition to join. They got to the Alley and looked how good it was, it was only 1.5ft. They went to see if the point was good. As they were walking to here Greg asked,"What competition are you guys gunna join."
"I'll probably go the skate comp,"replied John.
"Yea well I'll probably go the surf comp," said Chris.
"What one are you going Greg'" said John.
"I don't know yet I will think about it in the surf,"said Greg. They saw the point it was pumping 8ft waves."This is like Java," said Chris. Chris went to Java the month before when the earthquake and tsunami hit West Java, luckily for him he was over at East Java. His whole family was so worried.

They paddled out, they were having a great time, 8ft waves all to themselves. Chris was doing 360 spins, airs and getting barelled. While John was getting barelled and doing cutbacks. Greg was getting aired, barelled and doing half cutbacks. Then Greg got the biggest wave of the day it was about 10ft. He got barelled badly and then it closed out and he got smashed Chris and John saw it and quickly caught a wave in to help him. He had got hit by his fin and they called the ambulance. He had to get 25 stitches his head. "Looks like you can't do a competition now,"said Chris.

The next week John and Chris had there competition, it was brutal they had to go full out. John came first and was sponsored by Dark and Element. Chris came first and was sponsored by Quicksilver, DHD and Diverse.

Greg won first in the surf competition the next year and got sponsored by DVS and Diverse.

They became mates again and have made a surf label called CJG and have also made there own wetsuit brand called GCJ.

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