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Athletics Carnival!

By Maica

I am running as fast as I can, I do not know where i am going. I am scared. Everything else around me is black . Now i am running towards the moon. Where is my mum. Is she dead?. I am still running, but i do not know what i am running from. This is werid. Someone is calling me, i run towards it. It is mum. she is telling me it is time for breakfast but i can not see my breakfast. Something else is echoing in my head it is a ringing sound. Everything else truns black. Someone is shaking me. That someone is telling to "Wake Up". I have woken up. "Did you have a dreadful dream" says mum.
"Was that only a dream" I say.
"Yes Nick that was just a dream", she says, "now get changed and get down stairs, you have a big day today".
I start to get changed for school because at school they have the start of the athletics trials and i want to be in the running to win the 400m race.

I am at school and our boring maths teacher is telling us to do the math equations that are on the board. The bell starts to ring, it is first break. "Thank goodness that bell rang or else we would have had to do those boring maths aqutions"! sighs Timothy. Everybody yells to me "are you ready for the big 400m race, we all say that you are going to be in the finals and then after that, go to state championships"!. I sigh.
I say to them "I do not know what will happen but I can tell you that i will be going to the finals, maybe not the state but i know in my heart that i will be going to the FINALS"!
Everybody screams out "Nick, Nick, Nick"!

Our class gets ready for PE and i say to myself "it is my turn to shine and it is my turn to go to the finals".
Everybody gets ready at the starting line and i am in my postion. The teacher get ready to shot the gun. BOOM the gun has been shot. Everybody is running and i am doing so well, iam right at the front. Then somthing starts to grumble, it is my stomach. I forgot to have breakfast and even my mum told me to have breakfast but i did not listen to her. I have past half way and then i see the finish line i am so excited. As i run fatser and faster i accidently triped on a rock. I get up and I start jogging to the finish line, I get there. I have fainted. I am down on the ground.

I wake up, not knowing where i am. I can see my mum as i wake up.
I ask her "Where am I"?
She tells me "You are in the hospital and they have operated on you ankle and they say that you have broken it".
I am astonished. What have I done I bet that i am not going to be able to run the 400m race at the Athletics Carnival.
I ask mum " Am I aloud to run the 400m race on Fiday"?
Mum says "No, sorry but they say you will be in that cast for about two weeks".

The next day i am at school and everybody says "What has happened, will you be able to run the 400m race on Friday"?
I say to everybody in a low voice "I will not be able to run because this cast will be on for at least two weeks".
Everybody is sad for me because I was there best person to win the 400m race and repersent them in the finals for Fiday. I am sad too. After school i get into my mum's car and just sit there. Iam silent all the way home. As soon as I get home I tell mum that i will be running in the 400m race on friday. She tells me that I can not.

I walk to my room as fast as i can, knowing that i have a cast glued to me ankle. Mum rushes to my room and i know that she wil say something that i do not want to hear. She nocks on my door and she asks if she could come in i say to her "No"!
But she comes in anyway. She tells me that she knows that I want to run the race badly but she say i can't. I tell her "But I know that my ankle will be better by Firday you just have to trust me"!
She says "OK if you believe that you can run in that race then i will not stop you, because i know how much that race means to you".

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