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The Black Hole

By Jamie

It was dark and scary James did not know were he was well he did in space.He was floating in space,looking at the planet Mars,he did not know if he would fall into a black hole,comet or somethingels.James was a scientist on the stars,comets, planets and shooting stars.

"We need some more supply food!!" Yelled Vincent through the speeker."Iam just getting some" mumbled James.As he floated to the backof the ship when,wosh!!!! a shooting star zommed past him with its long tail barely missing him.He watched the tail,and found a rip in the atmosphere, James floated over to the rip in the atmosphere only to find it was a black hole.

The last words he heard was vincent "bring the movie'When Alians Attack'".he tried to contact but no answer,he needed to find a new planet. Just as james thought that a ship that said marflar pulled up and a marsion said "Hello marflar what are you doing out hear on your own?"."I do not know I fell in to a black hole"said James.The marsions peged a thing at him and it was a strange looking totem.

the next morning james woke up on earth in his room.

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