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Space Pirates

By jason

In 2103 the world advanced in technolgy and found they're more planets then Mars and Earth.They discovered 87 more.On the capital of the polaris system Delnor.Delnor is the most vibrent city in the system but also is the home of the main crime syndicate "The Crimson Space Pirates".They always attack the city. Ever since jobe refused to pay back the loan he is number 1 on their hit list.

Jobe lived with his aunt and uncle he always dreamed of being a space pirate untill it happened.When he was only 11 the space pirates came to his house, Jobe's dad was in the same trouble he was in his dad took money to buy the house and they wanted it back.He was taken away and put as a slave in the diamond mines and he was never seen again.Since then Jobe is now 20,after his father was taken he never spoke another word. He joined the army he was trained for 6 years and then left.He then tried 3 types of maritil arts it took 3 years he mastered them all.

He heard a sharp squeak outside he saw hover bikes then to his shock he saw his uncle he tried to put up a fight so they shot him on the spot.He escaped out the back door running into the darkness then he stopped.Right in front of him was the meanest looking thing he had ever seen, in a rasping voice it said "hi what are you running from" he fainted.

When he woke he was in what looked like a house but it was under ground the big brute was making tea.Around his house their were guns spears and axes but he was making tea.They sat by the fire drinking their tea then he said "my friend lives here also we both escaped from the mines he should be back soon.After a while the door opened right there was somewone that looked exactly the same as him "DAD"!.

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