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The Buffalo Poach

By Brandon

In the North-West of Dakota a small herd of buffalo were grazing, they were the last of the buffalo. The buffalo's best friend was 'Runs with Buffalo', an Indian man. He had been trying to help the buffalo reproduce but with no luck he failed. Runs with Buffalo's friend, 'Kills alot of Bears' tryed to cheer him up with the money he earned from hunting bears.

Weeks later, white man came to Dakota to hunt for money and clothing, their target......buffalo! The leader of the white man was a cowboy named 'Captain Sam Elliot', an enemy of the Indians, and now buffalo. The white man were poaching for fun, but when they spotted 'Kills alot of Bears' killing their prey they were getting serious.

Days later, 'Runs with Buffalo' and 'Kills alot of Bears' found a gravyard of dead bears. 'Runs with Buffalo' thought it was a prank but 'Kills alot of Bears' took it serious. The cowboys made him very mad, he went hunting for them because they stole his bounties. He went to Captain Sam Elliot's camp to find that they were alerted of him, before he knew it there was a stinging, bleeding pain in his axe arm. He had been shot from a pistol. 'Kills alot of Bears' lay there for a day before 'Runs with Buffalo' found him. He took 'Kills alot of Bears' back to their Indian camp with abit of help from 2 buffalo, the other 4 were back at their grazing area.

The next day. 'Runs with Buffalo' found the 4 buffalo that were grazing, dead! He was angry and sad but the one thing he wasn't was sorry. He found himself hiding the buffalo at their camp which wasn't a good idea because the cowboys wanted them, to get to them they had to kill his clan.
He and 'Kills alot of Bears' went looking for Sam, they had to convince him not to kill the others, the only way to do 'Kills alot of Bears' lent his money to 'Runs with Buffalo' to help him.

The next day the cowboys were gone and the buffalos were able to reproduce since there was a male and female.

'Kills alot of Bears' and 'Runs with Buffalo' died 10 years later from Captain Sam Elliot's son, John Elliot. He shot them whilst they were sleeping.

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