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By Jemma

It was last Thursday it was a wet, mugy day at griffith university track, it was the day of reginals.

When i first arrived there I had to sign on and get my south coast singlet then got my trainign partner Ellen which also was copeting in the same race as me the 200m, then we went over to our trainer and warmed up. it was freezing and Ellen and I had goose bumps every were. Then our heats were called Ellen and i were in the same heat

Bang!!! the gun went we were off and running the pouring rain was coming at me as i went around the bend. that was the hardest race I have ever ran. All of the competiters didn't no who was going in to the final but the judges said it was out of Ellen and I then the resuts came up and said that ellen and i both went into the final because it was so close they couldn't choose we were both Exicited because both of our goals were acheive.

So after that we told our trainer and got ready for our final. Then again they called us for the final I was in lane 7 it was pouring down the most i had ever seen all day i ended up coming 7th and Ellen ended up coming 8th but we were both extremly happy with our results.

On the way home my mum bouht Ellen and I a ultiment meal for our results then she came back to my housr and slept over it was a great day and my goal is for next year is to make it to state.

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