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To Busy For Homework

By Jessica

Amelia is such a good student she always co-operates with tasks, she is always friendly and she will do her work in class. But the only thing she never does is her HOMEWORK. She always says to me that she has dancing from 3.15 to 9.30pm and in the morning gymnastics from 6.00 to 8.45am, and the only time she has a break is on 12.00 to dinner on a Sunday afternoon.

Every morning, when homework is due she never has it done. I wondered what I should do, whether I should make her do it during lunch and morning tea, but then she would have no breaks and she wont be able to eat, or weather I should talk to her mother about it, or maybe I should give it all to her on weekends, I just don’t no what to do!

The only homework I give my class and Amelia a night is, 5 pages of double sided maths, 500 words to write out, and 300 of those words write a dictionary meaning for them, write a sentence for every letter in the alphabet, 2 hrs of reading and an assignment once a week. That’s enough for grade sevens isn’t it, or do you think the need to give them more? I said to her that it is easy to do, but she just wont do it because because she is to busy. My whole class does it all, so why cant She? She can cut out 1 hour of dancing or gymnastics to do it. It won’t hurt her.

I think I should just make her do it on the weekend, if she still isn't doing her homework i will have to talk to the principle. But, I guess being a teacher you get that.

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