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By Josh

On the night the 13 of September 1998 a male football pro was born.His name was Bob, he was 5 years old when he started to play football and he was really good.When he came to 11 years old,nearly in PBC High School,Bob got chosen for the currumbin tugun football club.He met this guy who was better than him at football and he was called Fred .They wasen't very good friends.Then in the year 2009 it happend...

...the best thing happend to Bob that year.He got told that he could miss high school,miss collage and go play for the best team ever in australia the Gold Coast Titans.So he went and packed his things from home and went to the Gold Coast Titans match field.When he got there he saw ,his worst enemy,Fred.

The next day Bob was laying in his bed,at the hotel,thinking to himself saying"damn I hate that Fred ,I must beat him to become a good player.But how?"thought Bob.So he got up and got dressed and dashed to the club breakfast table and he saw that he was the only one there but the table was all set up and the dishes were all empty but not clean so they must of eaten.Bob looked out of the window and saw all the club outside training.he went out training.Fred wasen't doing that well at all so Bob still had a good chance of being the best player in the world.Bob saw the trainer SHOUTING at Fred and thought was it was for, then it came to him he was getting told off for what Bob had really done to get rid of him.It worked, he got rid of Fred.

15 years later bob found hiself playing for the Titans playing against brisbane broncos and never guess who was playing.....FRED!

In the end Fred and Bob both became great friends and both became legends.

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