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The Lost sisters

By Emily Whane

A very long time ago there were 2 sisters one was lily the athor was rose one day it was there aunty mins birthday so there mum told them two go to the forest and pick some blueberries for the cake so they did when there basket was half full it was so dark im scared said lily i really hate the dark its ok rose said trying to be brave then rose realised that they were lost oh no i think were lost then they started to get really scared so they stoped and found a big tree they sat under it and it got even more darker and darker until they couldnt see they saw weird and spooky stuff they ate some blueberries in the basket but then a huse strong wind blew in the air but when the wind blew the blueberrie basket blew awaythey were lost for three days they were really starving then a rescue team came excuse me are you lily and rose yes said rose were here to rescue you so rose and lily were so glad and happy the end

by Emily

p.s brian falkner i know your special two words to make a story(What if)

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