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Bug Boy

By Taylor Lanham

There once was this boy named Moth and he was so fascinated in bugs that he wanted to be one. So he went to his mother and asked her to turn him in to a bug. His mother said "NO WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A BUG, YUCK!" So he went to his dad and ask the same question and again same reply. Moth went all through town asking everyone if they could turn him into a bug. Again same answer. So he asked himself. "Yes i think i will", he said with enthusiastic.

So, weeks went buy and he was doing experiments and potions and everything he could think of but still he could not turn himself into a bug.

Years went buy but he still couldn't become his dream. Be a bug. Finally one day he decide to go to a scientist to see if they could help. "NO, Yuck who would want to be a bug!"they all said.

Little moth was so sure that he was going to be a bug but his dreams were scatted. So he lived his life not knowing what it could be like in the bug world because he knew know one would help him.

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