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jolt threw the time Continuum

By ryan QLD

one day at the county fair two boys called josh and jake were running to the new adventure ride "the space time continuum." the line was very short for some reason so they got in on the first. the ride was a great adventure but suddenyl it felt like we had crashed. the door opened and we were in another time it was the FUTURE! we hopped out and walked around for a bit. a few minutes later josh and jake were being traced by the evil robot biker gang "Hells Metal." oh no the ship was turning red and green that means it was taking off we jumped threw the door as quick as we could. we made it the doors closed and we took off. not everyone was on lives had been lost in the future and there was nothing we could do about it. suddenly the ship crashed again and the door opened we all hopped out we were in the dinosaur ages. we hopped out again which was a very stupid decision as you will find out we ran around looking for an exit from this age which was very weird cause we werent in a video game. suddenly josh and jake saw a giant astroid and ran for the ship warning all the other people but old people they do not listen to 12 year olds. "oh no!" shouted josh the ship is turning green and red we jumped in just in time but we were the only ones on. we were in tears we had lost more than 20 lives. the ship crashed again and the door opened we were back at the fair thank god but what could we do about the lives that had been lost nothing, nothing at all.

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