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A Dream come true

By Zayna Pirini

There was a little girl called Heather who tried her hardest to be like brian falkner but people didnt see that especially her step mum because her real mother had died in a car accident. "Your useless at reading and will never get to write like him your just a little girl who cant do any thing"her step mum would shout.That wasnt any thing to heather and she always said to her self "never give up hope and one day you'll be that one person that you never got to be".One day there was a big bully at school who would always tease people and she heard what they have been saying to her and was angry for no reason that she beat her up and when she got home her step mum had saw the beating and didnt care a bit.She ran away from home and started her own reading.And one day her dream came true...From Zayna Pirini B10 2007

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