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By Becky

lets start right at the beginning.How I first got into this mess and why I think its Renees fault we are stuck on this different universe! First I had to let the cat out of the bag and tell Renee that I was moving house and that I won't be going to Te kowhai Intermediate anymore. This wa sher reaction.
"No you can't, You just can't no I won't let you go you can get out of it." Renees exclaimed when I told her.
"Im sorry Renee try to understand my uncle went missing a year ago and the police still have no sign of where he could be. He left my family his hopuse and property in his will! There is alot more land and a bigger house in Arrowtown plus a big playhouse!" I argued back at my friends hurt eyes.
"What will happen to our club, There won't be a BFFL club anymore!"Renee looked back upset and shaky.
"Mum said you can come stay every holidays and there is one at the end of the month!" I immediatly regreted saying that and knew what was coming next!
"Wait next month, How soon are you leaving Becky." A conserned look on her face. I knew she was angry because she called me Becky not Beck's just like my mum says Rebecca when I get on her nerves!
"Well ah thats the thing I'm leaving ... Friday!"Here come the fire works I think to myself.
"Friday. Thats Three Days away, No I won't let you go!"
Actually it's Two days I think to myself but don't say it because I knew that would make the situation even harder for both of us to handle!
"I'm sorry Renee there is nothing We can do about it." That's what my mum told me when I tried to argue with her about it.
"Here's my new address and phone number." I pull a small bit of crinkled white paper out of the pocket in my jeans.
"I'm sorry but lets make the most of my last couple of days here ok!"
"Ok" I hear Renee say glumly.
The next two days went a blur packing and everything! Renee still arguing everyday saying there must be something we can do but I give the same small shake of my head! Finally the day came all our boxes loaded into the pick up truck.
Renee was there to send me off and find a time to meet at the start of the holidays!
She was already acting as though I had been gone for a million years! Look Ill call you when I get to arrowtown ok! "I need you to look after this place for me and don't let anyone forget me ok!"
"Ok" Renee agreed!
And then I left off on the long 6 hour journey to Arrowtown!!!

!!! To Be Continued !!!

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