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Reflection twin

By mia

Fae looked out of the class window.Now and then,there were children walking along the school grounds.Suddenly!A face looked back at her, it was like looking at a dusty mirror becoming more and more clear....Fae squinted at that face...It was a darkhaired girl,Fae was not supprised,she has often seen this face."Hi Jae!"she whispered,this was her reflection twin...Not many people had reflection twins...Fae when she was being born,had been borned with a reflection twin.Reflection twins...are not excactly humans, doctors are still trying to find out where they come from and what they are made of...Fae was the dominant twin,the one who was human... reflections twins can only be seen if the human twin go somewhere that has reflections,lets say that Fae can`t ever see her own face in the mirror.Fae and her reflection twin were different looking,Jae's hair was thick,dark and curly just past her shoulders, she had mysterious hazel eyes and a quick cheeky grin.Fae on the otherhand had dusky emerald eyes,short,straight,blond hair
and a nice quirky smile.The world suddenly grew dark like night time."Whats the matter?"Fae whispered again.Jae smiled,a small sad smile...and said quietly "bye".Fae was worried,why was her reflection twin acting like this?Jae with tears in her eyes,suddenly floated off...Fae didn't understand,"where are you going?" she shouted up at her reflection twin.But Jae only smiled that sad smile again and quietly said"I don't belong here...farewell Fae."Fae caught a grasp of what was happenning, knowing it was impossible she tried to grasp her reflection twin.Her hands only hitted the window of her class...her reflection twin disappeared...The world slowly lightened up.Fae cried,knowing her strange twin was losted to her for ever.....

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