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Life of Brian

By Daniel Tidbury

The sun shone on the players. Andrew dribbled the football and let fly at the goal. The ball flew through the air like an aeroplane. It was like an aeroplane. Andrew watched in amazement. The ball curled around the goal keeper into the goal. The crowd cheered their heads off. Andrew screamed and ran around the park like Cristiano Ronaldo does and dived in the mud. His team mates jumped on Andrew like a sumo wrestler. A long horn sounded. It was over. Birkenhead had lost to North Shore 2-1 in the North Harbour Knockout Cup Final. It was a cinderella ending for Shore. North Harbour Soccer President Bruce Warler came forward. In his hand was a massive glistening trophy. Andrew and his team gathered round. Warler’s voice came over a microphone. “This years North Harbour Knockout Cup Champions are the great North Shore Cougars!” Cheers echoed around the stadium! The North Shore flag was hoisted up a flagpole. Andrew lifted the sparking trophy and it was handed down heroically through the team. He then walked up to the microphone. “Hello everyone, I would like to say a few words if nobody minds. I’d like to thank everyone for coming out here today and supporting us. It has been a long road to the final but all our hard work has been worth it. Thank you all for a terrific season.” The party had begun. It was night that no one would forget, especially Andrew.

Andrew lay on his bed thinking. “I really should be at the party” he thought. “I should be getting drunk and acting crazing with my mates. Why can’t I?” then it struck him.

He raced down stairs and dialled Matt’s number. Matt’s voice cracked in Andrew’s ear. “Hello?”
“Yeah hi Matt, it’s Andrew. I was just wondering if you have a copy of the game on DVD.
“Oh yeah sure bro” Matt replied. “I’ll come round and give it to you.”

20 minutes later Matt was giving a small case to Andrew. “Just don’t break it” said Matt I a worried voice. (Andrew had a talent for breaking valuable items). “I won’t” said Andrew reassuring him. “I only break stuff that’s valuable.” Andrew laughed at his joke. Matt sniggered and trotted off. He was going to a party. Andrew slammed the door shut and stuck the disc in his computer. He copied the disc and ejected it, putting it away in its case. He put the case away and went back to focusing on the computer. He started to play the copy of the disc. He fast-forwarded to the bit when he scored the cup winning goal. He noticed something bizarre. When he scored he shot from halfway! And the football curled more than 6 or 7 metres! Andrew realised that me had an extraordinary power.

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