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The Cranicum: ship of doom...

By dakota peddle

People On the ship:
I feel sick oh no I hope I don’t...oh man yes I did. I know it's gross but how would you like rocking side to side on a huge ship? No its not very nice is it? So you now know how I feel. Can't you imagine it? And in the background, over all the yelling and screaming you can here everything smashing into smithereens and glass braking it's horrible.
The ship violently rocked again, then it happened everyone was sliding and falling this can't be happening we are starting to sink...but wait what’s that just up there? no it cant be..."LAND “I screamed with all my might. "By crikey it is to...oh no it isn’t. ICE!!ICE!!STRAIGHT AHEAD!! WE'LL HAVE TO GO OF COURSE!QUICK SHARP TURN TO THE LEFT!!" screamed the shipman. Everyone screamed louder and louder it was almost unbearable. The other ship operators were yelling and shouting for everyone to calm down. Calm down I thought that’s impossible, crash. sink. die. those three horrid words keep flashing vividly through my brain. "could everybody stay calm and please put your life jackets on. We are ready to start lowering the row boats in case of emergency so could all women, children and babies please stay near to the right side of the ship ready to evacuate if necessary no one is to go any where below deck as it is to dangerous so everyone is to go to the deck anywhere right round the boat. Women and children to the right side all passages and halls are being blocked of I repeat everyone to the deck children and women to the right side near the row boats PLEASE STAY CALM!” the shipman said calmly through the loud speaker.
It was all silent for a couple of minutes while people let the long message sink in then it got worse than before. The screaming and yelling was dreadful but it was hard to stop. Everyone was panicking they started to move to where they were meant to be but doing that they were pushing and shoving all the other people. We are getting closer to the ice....oh no we are going to hit it...I hurry to put on my life jacket which I hadn’t bothered doing instead I had just been standing there doing nothing.

People on the land:
“Oh isn’t it wonderful to think that the ship will be arriving in less than four hours” commented an teenager in amongst a group of people waiting for the ship to arrive. “yes I know my little niece will be on that ship, I haven’t seen her for about a year” said a middle aged women with an excited look on her face. Talking like that went on for another three hours. “lets go and wait for the boat to come in only about an hour to go hooray!” so a whole crowd went out to wait to welcome the ship.
But little did they know the ship would not be coming nor would any of the people be arriving well not now at lest.

People on the ship:
I don’t know how long we are going to survive like this its been another three hours and we are meant to be arriving in about an hour. We managed to get everyone into the row boats not a single person left on the ship. But it was only just, as soon as everyone had gotten in the last boat and lowered them selves down the ship started to go down earlier on we hit the ice we didn’t see it because it was under water. Now we are all sitting here in the afternoons scorching sun with dull red skin and kids from every boat crying with fright. I try to keep repeating these words in my head: its all going to be ok. its all going to be ok. Its all going to be ok. The sun is setting its getting cooler the little kids have cried themselves to sleep. The lady next to me asks me my name and age in a croaky but kind voice I reply “my name is Anne Rose Jones and I am twelve years old I live in London, England I’m going to new Zealand well was going to new Zealand to visit my aunty I haven’t seen her for about a year. Shell probably be waiting for me at the port” “oh you poor thing your aunt must be worried about you we should have arrived around two hours ago maybe even three” those few words made my t

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