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I peeped out the cold icey window into the darkess deep dark deadend steet my right little eye i saw a glowing green spooky eyes.i had to look twice, i conuldn't belive my eyes.i she to my shelf "i'm not dreaming or seeing things".I went to bed at 9:00pm i could not get to sleep because i wonder what the green eyes were or were they were from.I finally fall a ssleep.

the next day was school and a trip to the supper maket.we waited for the bus,hafe way around the maket molly and i were looking at the cds when i saw the green spooky eye again.molly had to look twice, she couldn't belive her eyes and said to me "who is thatit got big boggley eyes"i did not replie.

molly came home with me and i told her the hole story.we look out the window we saw the eyes. we run outsideand foldowed it.we hide in a dark spooky space ship.tap tap tap on the window we ducked.the spooky ship lifed off the ground and voooooooomed to out of space.three hours later we landed on a on a very cold plant.molly and i looked out the window and saw ice lots of ice.i had read about the plant, i said that it was called pluto.

molly and i go locked in the ship with no food or air ,i had an ideer.i asked molly if she had been to driving lessons she asked why i replied"we can dive to home again".she started the ship and push the go button.voooooom we went and four hours later we landed home and went to bed.

we told everybody and there in darkess i walked past the window and saw a glowing pink eye i said"not again".

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