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Taking flight

By Eilish Marie O'Brien

Chapter 1: The Beginning
‘Please Mom, please’ Jess begged her mom for the thousandth time. “Alright you may go’’ her mother sighed. “Yes!” Jess said under her breath. Jess was 13 years old she was in 5th grade and had just successfully asked her mum to sign a permission slip to go to a bird watching site. It was a field trip for her class and she loved birds (especially hawks).

The next day she hopped on the bus with her backpack and the rest of the class. She settled down in a seat next to her best friend Amber as the bus took off. “The bus ride is going to be short” Jessie thought. She was judging mainly by the speed of the bus. When they got there Jessie was nearly falling off her seat with excitement.

10, maybe 20 minutes later they were walking up to the Hawks. They had looked at the Pukeko the eagles and the Tui, and finally they were walking up to the birds that made this trip worth while. As they came up to the hawks, Jess took out her binoculars and she crouched down on the damp earth. She put her binoculars up to her eyes and saw a beautiful red and black hawk perched on a tree branch at the very back of the enclosure
. It stared right at her as if it knew that she was there, even though she was hidden by layers of bushes. It was like she had received an electric shock, only well, it didn’t really hurt.

I’m not feeling very well she thought a little while later but fortunately they were on the bus home at that very moment. When the bus stopped at her house she went up to her room, she was going to go to bed a little early because she was feeling drowsy. She walked past the mirror and caught a glimpse of herself. Her eyes, they looked almost… hawk.

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