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The Evil Lair

By Priyal Yapa

The Evil Lair
Priyal Yapa

Once upon a time there was an evil lair. It was so evil, that the whole town was under its control. The owners could control the evil lair, but unfortunately the owners were also under its control. There was only one man that was as strong as the evil lair. His name was Lary. Lary could lift a truck with one finger. But Lary was also under the evil lairs control. But one day the evil lair destroyed the whole town, so there was nothing left to destroy. So the evil lair looked in the yellow pages and found an immense town. It was Alphertago town. It was the biggest town he had ever seen. The evil lair said “I SHALL DESTROY ALPHERTAGO TOWN!” So the evil lair ran to Alphertago town to destroy it. Once he got there he got attacked by 50,000 tanks. Suddenly… The evil lair fell to the ground and EXPLODED!!!

The End

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