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By Jacquie

I'm sitting here bored to death in a stinky,stuffy old classroom with a old hag teacher hissing away about something to do with decimals.I look out the window and spot a little black bird flying away into the distance.For a mad moment i have a little day dream of myself flying through the clouds in the sky, nothing to be bothered about - ''Miss Jenkins!how dare you ignore my important lesson about decimals!roared Mrs Partonson as she interruped my dream.''No matter now though since its time for P.E and i hope everyone bought their sports uniform''. Everyone groned and obediently went to get their sports uniforms from their bags, now is my chance i said to myself.
I marched up to Mrs Partonson and politely said ''I'm sorry Mrs Partonson but i'm afraid i forgot to bring my sports gear (this of course is an excuse just to get out of sports if you were wondering if i was lying or not). But Mrs Partonson was not stupid and just smiled smugly at me and said ''well, since you have not got your sports uniform i guess i'll just have to make you dress in your knickers instead for P.E''. For a minute i thought she was joking but then she hissed ''and i mean it! go now and get changed''.

So now i'm standing here in my Micky Mouse underwear in the middle of the court with the boys wolf whisling and girls giggling all around me, my face turns as red as a tomato as i'm dieing of embarrassment, i just want to dissapear in to thin air at that very moment but it does'nt seem very likely to happen.

Now i'm at home in bed thinking of all the things i could do to get even with Mrs Partonson for killing me with embarrassmaent. Maybe if i find a huge ugly spider i could stuff it down her back, or i could put a killer bomb under her chair or i could just drift off to sleep, dreaming about myself flying through the clouds.......

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