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My LONER(!) loser life story

By Gemma Juju

i am a freak

i collect scabs

and toenail clippings (but they have to be painted) paint is pretty

i dont know why i dont have a boyfriend

i dont know why i collect these things i just seem to like staring at them

see i am a freeeeek

i am a loner

so writing stories about my life makes me feel better

cool, eh? :P

i also like fuzzy things

coz they are warm and fuzzy

i like cuddling them heaps :P

i am 20 years old

but i go to school

i am in year5

i was held back a few years........

in my class my friends nicknamed me LONER LOSER

cool, eh? :P

everyone loves me

if you want to be my friend please em@il me

i am very cool

very, very cool

thanks for reading about me...... from Gemma

heheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeee :D

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