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There is a reason everybody is brought onto this earth and some spend their entire lives trying to find their reason, I found mine at the simple age of 12. I am Hitch. My close companion, Maddy had a wild crush on Tom. Which she never much bothered to mention. I, however rescued her from her dream and made it, REALITY. I go by the name of BRUCE, although it isn't my formal name, it will do in this case.
Let me take you back to the old days in which crushes existed. She tried not to stare. He also tried not to stare but a small glance was occasional. Little did either of them know. Hitch knew. Hitch is a great observer. Hitch is also great at alot of things but unfortunately, this is not Hitches story. One day while sitting on the wall, waiting for her unfashionabely late mother, Hitch saw Tom, lurking nerby and decided to talk. Mobile numbers were swaped and the small letters on each of the phones were repetitively pushed. Hitch then almost wet her pants as Tom connfessed his love for Maddy. Maddy then recieved a txt on her phone that both shocked and slightly surprised her. She got up her nerve to then txt back and the story that follows is rated M.
$15.00 dollars were spent on each of the victims phones as 'Oh my gosh' messages raided them. They then made the biggest decisions of their lives. The asking out. Tom was very fortunate that Maddy agreed and Hitch, as always was succesful.

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