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It's raining cats and dogs.

By Zoe Sampson

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.

One day there was a big storm in Whangarei.
David and Lizzie were outside, with their
gumboots and umbrella, playing in the puddles.
Suddenly the rain got heavier.
“It’s raining cats and dogs!”, said David.
“Yeah, I kn-WOW!”, said Lizzie.
“What?”, said David.
“L l l look!”, said Lizzie.
“Whoa, it really is raining cats and dogs!”, said David,
I wonder what’ll happen if I say…uuumm…it’s raining candy?!”
“Ouch!”, said Lizzie, “I think a lolly-pop just hit me on the head!”
“I dunno Lizzie, maybe we’re just hallucinating.”, said David.
“Nope, this is real.” said Lizzie, chewing on a stick of toffee.
“Ok, how ‘bout it’s raining Lego.”, said David.
“Cool, it’s even raining lego men!”, said David.
“Hey, I want a turn!”, said Lizzie, “It’s raining Barbie’s.”
“We could make a fortune out of this!”, said David, we could simply ask
people what they want, and then rain it for them!”
“They would have to pay for it, of course.”, said David.
“That would be a good plan David, if we needed it.”, said Lizzie.
“If we needed it?”, said David with a very puzzled voice.
“Well, we can make a fortune right here.”, said Lizzie.
“Oh Yeah!”, said David with great excitement.
“It’s raining cash!”, they both shouted out together.

The End.

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