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Limited Destruction

By Eilish Marie O'Brien

Limited destruction
Chapter 1
‘… then they will bait the bears with fresh meat and…. ’ Jessie sighed and clicked the remote then leaned back deeper into the couch. The reports of bear killings had been coming in for hours on television. She was not very happy about this, but what could an 18 year old girl do? ‘ Jessie can you come set the table?’ she heard her mother call. Jessie staggered into the kitchen and started setting the table. The rest of the day dragged on just as slowly as that morning, it was almost like the day would never end, but finally after what seemed like YEARS, she heard her mother call “Bed!”. As she got into bed that night she thought ‘ Will there be any polar bears left once this year is over?’ but had no time to dwell on this thought because she was so tired and fell asleep almost instantly. Her sleep was terrible that night. A dream kept coming to her. It went like this… The polar bear staggered forward with its bloodshot eyes rolling back in its head, and blood dripping from its mouth. BANG, a gunshot and the polar bear lay on the ground, dead.
Jess awoke with a shudder, the dream seemed so real. The cold of the arctic, the bear’s icy breath. The picture of the bear’s cold dead body settled itself in Jess’s mind for a long stay.

The next morning Jess staggered into the kitchen, she felt wrong … no she did not feel wrong, but there was definitely something wrong. She shrugged the feeling off and grabbed a packet of cocoa pops “Oh my, Jess” she heard her mother say somewhere in the distance; Jess could feel her life slipping away, her muscles unclenched and, she felt her breathing getting ragged, she was dying…
She felt her heart stop…

“Oh doctor look, she’s coming around” Jess heard her mother cry

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