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Stalker Of Dawn

By Morgan

Stalker Of Dawn

I am lying in my warm soft bed then suddenly I hear the heart thumping noise of one titchy kitchen floor board creaking. thoughts start billowing out of my head. WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WERE? WHY ME??

I no if my bleeping alarm clock shatteres the black silence of dawn, it will alert the house invader in the cold kitchen. Typical, as soon as i think the bone chilling thought my vibrating noise maching slaughters any chance of my survival. I quickly slapped my reluctent hand down sharply on the fat, grey SNOOZE button. If it was human skin it would hav raised a painfull welt, but I know from the creaking, sudden movement coming, now from the hallway that stalker of dawn knows there is little life coming from my undeserted bedroom.

I could ruin their chances of fabulouse loot. They will now have to exterminate of my soul, even though they no my room holds no pricless booty, I am still a horrible threat. I am a small chared spot in the range of gaint possibilty.

I huddle closely to the warm, soft lump of feathers which is my pillow. Maybe if I shrink down low into the fluffy, pink covers of my duvet cover the stalker may not see my ghostly white face, or maybe even, with a devilry miricle they might just walk on by past my bedroom.
I hear another floor board creek. This time it is very close to my varnished, wooden door. I close my eyes and hope with the might of a powerfull will of mind that the stalker of dawn just leaves me to my now, horribly unblissful morning. TO my horror another creaking floor board then a harsh rattling comes from the round door handle. My will is not my own.

A low swishing noise emites in the unreal silence as my door swing open wide. I watch as the AMANDAS ROOM, KEEP OUT sign slides slowly into view. A tall darkly figure emerges from the hallway. A long butchers knife is lying slant ways in their hard, dark hand. The stalker of dawn takes two harsh steeps onto the fluffy pale white carpet.

Without any warning the ear splitting banshee like words breaks the unearthly black silence.
“AMANDA!!! Your alarm clock went off five minutes ago, get out of bed now or you will be late for school,.”
Yes, my retched mother having to drag me out of my my wavering morning mind, as usual.

Even though i no the painfull answer I dare to ask “Please mum just a couple more minutes” I beg with all my heart. My dreaded, unsavory reply was of course “no way, now get up, you disturbed me in the middle of cutting the carrots for to nights stew”.

I give in to the awfull noise which is my mothers voice. I have no other choice, I clamber out of my soft, dead bed and stumble over to the purple, swaying curtains. As I pull them slowly apart I watch is the dark, figurless stalker of dawn slinks back into the swaying, dark green bushes behind the difigured gate, awaiting 'till tomorow for his real loot.

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