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Four kids whose names were special, we had KT, JIN, LEE, MAKO, these four kids wanted to be very special NINJA'S as they had special abilities and wanted to use them for good not bad.
While in recess at school they were talking about their abilities, KT was able to create fire, JIN was able to create the loudest thunder, LEE was able to shape metal, Mako was able to create the biggest twisters you had ever seen.
After school they were walking home until they saw a passage thru the woods and deceided to go thru so they had to all jump over the fence but when they did they vanished like going thru a portal.
When they woke up they saw a bunch of NINJA’S dressed all in black wanting to fight them.
They said “What are you doing here do you know the pasword to enter”.
KT replied “Yeah i know the pasword its get ready to get your butt’s wipped”. And one of the NINJA’S said “There is only four of you’s and two dozen of us you make me laugh ha! ha! ha!”.
After one minute the NINJA’S were outcold lying on one another, then KT said “Never mess with kids who have special abilities”.
JIN said “Wow! What happen there and how did we get here”. LEE said “I don’t know but i remeber that we jumped the fence and we sort of ended up here”. MAKO said “And we had the same abilities that we were talking about school”. KT said “Yeah! We wasted these NINJA’S”.
While they were trying to figure out where they were and find a way out, as they came over a hill they saw the same NINJA’S that they had just wasted and all the NINJA’S turned to look at them and bowed as they did this there was an old man standing behind them all dressed in red, blue , black and white and there was a symbol on his chest which represented the same abilities of the four kids.
The old man called out there names “KT, JIN, LEE, MAKO please come forward to me” and the NINJA’S spread apart so KT, JIN, LEE, MAKO could walk thru them towards the old man.
The old man said to them “Since you four have defeated my NINJA’S you four have been chosen to be new leaders of the four abilities for good”, and then one of the NINJA’S that was one of the leaders said to the old man “If you put them in charge of us we will go against you and them caus e you are an old man and don’t know what you are talking about they are to young to know our ways”.
Then the old man replied “I know what i am talking about as i have known for awhile that there is treachory amongst you’s, that is why these four kids were able to see the path that brought them here now begone you are no longer apart of the NINJA family but beware if you try to attack you will be defeated, now give the symbols to thes e four kids and leave”.
The NINJA’S lefted but were not happy and had revenges in their minds.
After awhile as they were in the temple with the old man who was the oldest living NINJA MASTER and his name was MUCHO.
MUCHO said to the four kids “You four have powers to protect this world and you can’t return home until you have elimanted all evil here”.
KT said “But we don’t know the way of the NINJA who will teach us”. MUCHO replied “I will teach you’s. LEE said “how can you teach us you are to old”. MUCHO replied “Well watch this”.
Then a second later LEE fell over the old man was so swifted you couldn’t even see him move cause he was so fast.
MAKO said “Come on guy’s if he could do that to LEE without us seeing him do it let him teach us”.
KT said “Okay master”.
MUCHO said “Very well the leader of you four will be KT and you shell wear red, JIN you will wear blue, LEE you will wear black, MAKO will wear white, right let’s get started.
Two months had passed they were ready to take on evil, they took two weeks to destroy ten evil crews and there was one crew left which had the one who didn’t want them to be leaders his name was NATA.
The day came when they had to battle alot of NINJA’S fell where there was only nine left standing which were the MUCHO,fours kids, and four leaders of evil.
The battle con

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