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The Boogyman

By Eden

I was in bed and I had just fallen asleep from finishing a book about a boogyman. I started to have a dream about a boogyman and it looked exactly like the one described in the book that I had finished that night. It started when the boogyman waltzed through the front door and it seemed like it was looking for something or someone. So it was looking around the bottom floor of the house and didn't find it was looking for so it went upstairs and into my mum and dads bedroom, had a look around in there then went out and came into my bedroom and I was awake from the creaking of the floorboards and this when I woke up from the dream. Then suddenly my bedroom door flew open and there was the boogeyman from my dream. I thought that I was still dreaming so I pinched myself on the arm to make sure that I was awake and yep I sure was. I was so scared that I screamed at the top of my lungs (and probably woke the neighbourhood up) and then I heard laughing. It was laughing that I knew and found out it was my brother who had pulled a prank on me and so I jumped at his throat and turned into the boogyman and killed everyone in the neighbourhood and I wasn't seen again.

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