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The Journey to the stars

By Kaelen Speedy

There were fifteen rows of lockers. On one of the lockers in glittery gold writing spelt “Kaytlin”! Kaytlin was a ten year old, she had glossy, straight, brown hair that sparkled whenever she was in the daylight. She wore a gigantic, white spacesuit with the word ‘NASA’ in bright purple lettering. Kaytlin was going on a space mission. She was very brave to be doing it at only ten. She was a girl that was great at science. When she was eight she had studied the ‘Solar System’. She loved the sound of ‘Mars’, but she also knew it would be bad to go on ‘Mars’ because she’d either freeze or burn to pieces! She definitely didn’t want that to happen because she still had a whole life to live!

She was in a changing room with about a dozen other girls from twelve to forty, they were all going on a space mission too. There were no other ten year olds, only Kaytlin. But then in the corner of her eye she saw a child. She looked a lot younger than Kaytlin. It made her wonder why such a small girl was heaving a space suit over herself. The little girl looked as if she was only eight. Kaytlin was thinking about it. She must of wanted to hitch a runaway ride to the Solar System and stay on the moon and try and be the first person to live on the moon for a lifetime, but if she was going to do that she’d be crazy because the group only had enough food and oxygen to last the trip. She might of just wanted to catch a star, but the crew weren’t going to get out when they were near the stars. So if anything like that was what she wanted to do her wish would be crushed into one-million pieces and she’d end up coming to the stars without. She wouldn’t be heavy enough though, she’d just float away in the galaxy.

Next thing they knew they’re all saying goodbye and getting in the rocket. The little girl’s in tears, she hadn’t even said goodbye to anybody. Kaytlin really wanted to comfort the little girl but she wouldn’t stop crying. The rocket was getting started, then…


The rocket started drifting upwards and the little girl was crying even louder, she didn’t seem to like it at all. Kaytlin went over to the little girl and asked what her name was. It was Olivia! Olivia had stopped crying, but was still awfully unhappy.

The stars were growing bigger and bigger! She loved stars but she knew they were like the ‘Sun’. Olivia started to cry again. But Kaytlin comforted her, she was getting hints at why the little girl was there. She thought Olivia might want to cry so much that she stopped breathing and dropped dead on the ground. Kaytlin was also getting hints that she was a very curious girl!

Olivia was crying and saying she wanted food so the crew had a break and had lunch. The food wasn’t very nice so Kaytlin just stared out the window looking at the Planets. Kaytlin jumped when she saw Uranus and warned everybody.

Olivia was screaming now that she had heard the very bad news because Uranus equals


They had to be extra careful steering the rocket just in case of the asteroids but it also made it an extra challenge to concentrate while Olivia was squealing. But now it was too late there was a giant hold forming in the side of the rocket. Now Kaytlin was terrified as well, but she wouldn’t dare to cry. The rocket started floating down, it was getting really close to Saturn’s ring when all of a sudden the crew heard a deafening crash! They had landed on Saturn’s ring!! Kaytlin couldn’t prevent a couple of tears running down her rosy red cheeks. But now the crew had nothing to do, they didn’t bring anything except glue, but all the pieces had gone. Kaytlin and the crew hoped that they had brought some extra tiles, so they went and looked and found a disappointing life time supply of glue!

Everyone got out and balanced on Saturn’s ring when suddenly a black rocket with glimmering stars painted all over it came by, it went past them at first bu

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