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The Girl in the Bedroom

By Amelia W

Here I am,forgotten......for as long as I can remember.Me.......the day I was forgotten,mum yelled at me,I went to my room at disgrace thats when things happened.
my family fogotten me,my friends,my relatives forgotten about me.I was The Girl in the Bedroom,I stayed in the past my bedroom was a forgotten part of the house.....everybody got washed away into the future,while I stayed in my bedroom part ghost part human.I became a story,a tale past down from my family,somebody believed to be made-up.People that used to know me was familar with my name but I was still forgotten.I was here years and years sad and lonely.
At the age of six I was fogotten,I nearly even forgotten myself!I`d already forgotten who I was,my name,other peoples names and everything before the day I was forgotten that happened.But not excactly, little pieces of memories sometimes light up in my head,like pieces of a puzzle I could never put together.I was only part ghost because nobody remembered me you need to be remembered to be full ghost.A poor little pale part human girl dusty on the bed trying to remember.I hope oneday things go right for me.

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