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Life of Brian

By James Frith

Hedrena found himself in a heap in the middle of a forest clearing. He slowly picked him self up and instantly slumped down like a heavy rock being thrown into the middle of the lake. His bones aching all over. He tried to remember what had happened but his memory was blank.
“Hello, Hedrena”, said an evil snakelike voice.
Hedrena stopped. There wasn’t anybody else in the clearing as far as he could see.
“Who’s there?”
“My name doesn't deserve to enter your knowledge, you worm” the evil voice sneered
“Come out and show your self”, said Hedrena, trying to keep brave.
“Regalem the Wizard has tried to foil my plans for the last time! and now he will have the bitter taste of despair!”. “Attack my precious Orcs, destroy and kill!” “Lets see, now, Regalem, how you like it when you apprentice dies to my Orcs!
All of a sudden a dozen Orcs jumped out, with Goblins on snarling war hounds bounding behind them.
Fear stabbed him in the gut. There he was sitting on the ground with Orcs and Goblins closing in on him. Hedrena struggled up to stand, and grasped Saph’vor’s handle.
A burst of strength shot up his arm and flowed into the rest of his body. He drew the sapphire blade and grasped it with both hands.
An Orc charged, stopped before Hedrena, and roared in his face, and raised its sword.
Just as the Orc was about to bring the sword down for the killing blow, Hedrena stabbed it in the gut. It fell never to rise again
The rest of the Orcs howled in pain, as Hedrena realised he must have killed the leader of the tribe.
Two Goblins surged their war hounds forward, their wicked scimitars raised above their heads. They both laid their blades flat, so they were touching.
Hedrena wondered what they were doing. Then he realised the two blades were horizontal with his neck!
He ducked just in time, but just as the war hounds went past he spun round and made a deep wound in one of the dogs side. It yelped out in pain and fell.
The Orcs had gotten over their dead leader, and were all charging forward, roaring for vengeance.
The first Orc who came to him, and tried to rid him of his leg. Hedrena parried the blow easily, and beheaded the beast, just as he heard the heaving breathing of the next Orc, so he continued his beheading slash and spun round to find another headless Orc.
An Orc came up and kicked him in the stomach, winded, Hedrena fell to the ground.
Hedrena swiped at the Orcs legs, but jumped up to escape blow. Another one came up and raised a straight bladed axe, above his waist.
He rolled over, and found himself looking at the snarling jaws of one the vicious war hounds.
It snapped at his arm and started dragging him along the ground.
Hedrena screamed out with pain, stared at his now, broken arm, as the savage dogs teeth dug closer and closer to the bone.
He saw a Goblin smiling wickedly at him, let out cackle of laughter, and hacked at Hedrena’s arm.
Hedrena raised his sword arm and parried the attack just in time. He raised Saph’vor to behead the wicked hound.
He sliced at the hounds’ neck, and the grip on his arm was loosened, as he saw blood dribbling out of the dogs’ mouth.
He tried to ignore the searing pain in his arm, and concentrated on the Orcs and Goblins slowly edging towards him.
He stood up and looked around for something to use apart from his sword.
He bent down and felt around on the ground, to see if he could find something. His fingers closed around a small stick.
He raised it, and flung it at his green opponents.
Luck was on his side, it went straight at one of the Orcs head, as went straight into the eye, killing it dead
The fellow Orcs unwittingly looked at the dead Orc.
Hedrena lunged at them, slaughtering two, and wounding another hound.
The Orcs all in rage Hedrena of butchering so many of their tribe were all hacking and stabbing him, and Hedrena, quick and agile dashed away into the forest in all the fury.
Hedrena heard the roar of the demented Orcs and heaving beatin

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