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Funny enough to take me on?

By Zakiyyah

It was a nice hot day and I was thinking of just chilling out,swinging on the chair and just getting a couple of detentions.That was my typical day.It wasn't quite right though, everytime I burped,squealed,laughed or farted...hold on a minute I over exagerated I didn't fart.Yeah anyway no-one laughed and you know what I am, I am the class clown. Iv'e got a record twos years in a row.Pretty good.I done everything in my willpower to make people laugh.I didn't even get a single detention, which was pretty uncool for a laidback crackalacken girl like me.
I finally realised that everyime Cletus Spitz burped a couple of kids cried from laughter. Cletus comes from the country side and he idolizes Cletus from The Simpsons. He was an alright fella but he had just crossed the line this time. I found myself walking towards Cletus and slapping him on the shoulder."Look buddy, are you funny enough to take me on?"
he said nothing and everyone was chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.I could hear it echoe at the back of my mind.He said a Yo Mama joke and everyone laughed, even the teacher.I drifted away from him and was pinker than my 6 year old sisters undies.Thats when I finally realised that I was the real joke.

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