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By angel

It was a cold, wet, windy night.
Fierce rain spattered down onto the concrete, gathering in little puddles and making rings.
My fur were soaked though, and I shivered from the cold.
A whimper rose from my throat and suddenly i pined for the warm and secure fireplace of my home.
A flash of thunder slammed across the sky, making me jump, i whined and dashed to the first shelter i saw.
That night my dreams were about cuts and slashes on Lily's body, and her mangled hair and a face blurred with tears.
I tossed and turned in my shelter, until exhaustness took over and i sank into a pool of darkness.

Lily Sullivan woke abruptly, her body ached with cuts and bruises from the night before. With desperation she looked frantically around her for her beagle but it was nowhere to be seen.
She got up, despite the frantic throbbing of her arm and ran towards the shed.
She searched everywhere and found no trace of the little dog.
Then, her eyes caught something lying in the dirt, a mangled little body.
All that came out of her was a half scream half sob, as she knelt beside the little body, desperately wishing it wasn't true.
For hours the little girl just lay there, sobbing as if her heart had ben ripped out.
The sun rose, mourning the little dog's death.

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