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The Wave

By Emily Pilcher

The wind whipped at my hair as I stood on the cliff edge, and watched the waves pounding on the rocks far below me. It was a year ago today, a year since i lost my best friend to the hated ocean. A year may have passed but i remember it as though it was only yesterday...

It was a day like today, strong winds and frequant showers of rain. We had been couped up inside all week and finally decided enough was enough and headed down to the beach.
Commodore Beach was known to produce swells up to five metres, and that day was no exception. The huge waves towered over us as we stood in the shallows and we felt the currents tug at our ankles.
There was five of us altogether, three girls and two boys, we were insepretable or so we thought.
I dont know how long we stood in the water , splashing each other, but by the time we looked at our watches it was too late.

We were supposed to know the danger of the sandbanks, our parets had drilled the rules into us from the moment we were born. The sandbanks only appered at high tide, and because we had been so absorbed in our water fight, we had not noticed the steady trickle of water that slowly, but surely blocked the way back to the beach.

I still remember the paniced silence that fell as one by one we relised we were living our worst nightmare

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