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Dog is man and man is dog

By Lizzie

Aunty Vanessa handed me a long, round package.
“Happy birthday Alice,” she said. I ripped off the wrapping paper and there, rolled up like a newspaper, was…

“A rug.” I said flatly
“Well-yes!” said Aunty Vanessa.
I tried to look like I was pleased but I thought it was a bit of a strange present.
When the celebration was over I decided I should make some use of the rug. So I got out my new coloured pencils and some paper and sat down on the rug and began to draw. When Mum came in, she couldn’t see me anywhere!
“Alice! Alice!” she called.
“I’m right here Mum!” I called back to her, standing up.
“OW!” I looked up. I’d bumped my head on the roof!
“I can’t see you anywhere!” Mum called back to me. I looked down: at Mum’s head! This was weird. I leaned over further, and found myself looking at the bottom of the rug! I was flying!
“Mum” I called, “I think this might be a flying carpet! LOOK UP!” Mum looked up and saw me.
“Alice!” Mum called back to me, “What are you doing up there!”
“I don’t know!” I called back to her.
“I’m going to go and call the fire brigade,” said Mum.
“Yes, that’s a good idea” I said.
So Mum went and called the fire brigade.
“They’ll be here in five minutes,” she said to me when she got back.
When they got there the chief was a bit worried.
“We can’t get the ladder in here,” he said to Mum. “We’ll have to pull her down with the ropes.”
“Okay,” said Mum nervously.
The fire chief whistled. “You there,” he called, “bring over the…”
“Whoa!” I shouted. The flying carpet was taking me back down to Earth.
That night, I decided to experiment a bit more with my new flying carpet. So I got it out and sat on it. It wasn’t long before I felt myself rising into the air.
‘Right,’ I thought. ‘What happens now?’
As if it had read my mind the flying carpet shot forward and
flew out the window. I felt the icy cold breeze on my face.
But I didn’t have time to shiver, because at that moment the flying carpet took off again. Up, up it went, through a cloud and into space. It was a magnificent sight, with all the stars twinkling and the moon! The moon was a bright as day! Meteoroids kept flying my way, and one narrowly missed my shoulder. Then I felt the carpet start going down, down, and skid to a stop.
I looked around, this wasn’t Earth! I was sitting on the ground, looking at someone’s legs. They were rather skinny, furry legs and the feet! Oh! The feet looked exactly like those of a dog. I moved further up the body, he had no clothes on except a red dog’s coat. And then I saw the head and I understood. It was a dog! It was a Labrador standing on two legs, and it was holding a dog lead. And at the end that he should be on there was a boy.
“Hi!’’ He said “I’m Scruffy. You must be new here”
“Well” I replied “yeah, I just got here”
A truck pulled up. “The human catcher!” Shouted Scruffy. “Quick! Run! Hide!” I felt myself being lifted up by the furry paws of a bichon frise. I was bundled into the truck and the door slammed shut.
It was pitch dark. I couldn’t see a thing. The truck started to move.

After about an hour's drive the truck stopped. I was pulled out and taken to a large building. It was dark inside but not as dark as inside the truck. I was thrown into a cell with some other humans crawling around on all fours.
“A new comer”
“Threes’ company, fours a crowd”
“Looks like an Earthling”
Everyone was talking.
“Excuse me” I called out. “Could someone please tell me where I am?”
“Oh, Sorry” someone said. “You have just been thrown into the man catcher’s prison. I’m Itchy”
“I’m Scratchy” Said another.
“And I’m Tibbit” Said the last. “Have you got any food on you? I’m starving.”
“Tibbit!” Cried Itchy.
“What’s going to happen to us? “ I asked.
“We’ve got to stay here until someone buys us. Not much food, but plenty of water.” Said Scratchy
“What? No!” I shouted. “I’m going to find a way to get out of here and back to my pla

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