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wrong history

By Soo min

The holiday began so Ben decided to go to a time travel.
he know those special place that makes you go to future or past. he decided to go early 1816 he couldnt wait because he saw a book called "france history" that said a wonderful smells of cherries and prince riding whote horse.
so he hurried of his timetravel. he sat on his chair and he was ready just after 1 second he was in the France!
"ewwwwww" he hold his nose it was smell of human's poo.
because the toilet wasnt invented every one pooed on the groud. and flies flying all around the place.
he was just about to come back because of the smell.
but he didnt listened hoe to get back.
he was so hungry and tired so he knoked on the someone's door. he asked for a food and sleep and that lady said yes!!
but when she said yes something smelled awful it was a smell of her teeth and her hair, she didnt brushed her teeth never ever before, then Ben just knew that those history is wrong wrong wrong.
there was no price riding white horse, there was no smells of cherries and all people were DIRTY.
but he was so hungry he asked for a sushi but sushi wasnt invented that day. then a lady though he act so strange that he might be a WHITCH!!
To test him that lady gave him a food a lady asked " how is it taste like?" Ben answered "delicious" the lady screamed because that food was actually snail's eyeball!
then that lady took him to police to kill him.
he was so angry of his self when he was crying crying and crying inside of jail he could hear water boiling and he heard a footstep soud coming close closer and closer to put him in the boling water. he found a door and he opend it of his curiousity and he saw his teacher "Well done ben i think you are perfect of this story i think you should be the maincharacter of this play" Ben replied "Thanks miss"

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