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Life of Brian

By Blair Balsom

Mum! Dad! I’m home!!!... Mum? Dad?
A 12 year old boy walked in dressed in an old, grey and tatty school uniform. His mind flashed back to the night before, searching for an answer to where his parents could possibly be. The boys name was Jeffrey, he had a slim shape and was really short, and his uniform was old and full of small holes. His mind snapped a vision to his day just before school started where he was at the skate-park being beaten to the ground by skate-boards from the three school bullies, he pleaded for mercy but none came. He ran home from school that day stealthily dodging the bullies. He stood now in front of an old wooden door and stairs to his left. He headed up the stairs to the lounge as he neared the top, he thought he saw a girl on the green couch but he blinked and it was gone.

He walked to hid room thinking about what he had just seen, he thought it was just his imagination but little did he know he would be having extra company tonight. He got changed into some black jeans and a rusty t-shirt. He headed for the kitchen, he noticed as soon as he neared that the tap was running cold water and the dishwasher was open. He quickly shut the dish-washer and then turned off the tap. This was getting weird. HE then heard a sharp ‘Click’ and the sliding door had unlocked itself and slid open, a chill ran down his spine. A huge gust of wind entered the room and Jeffrey thought he heard the words help me carried in, but he shut his mind quickly and tried not to think about it. He crept over to the sliding door and slid it shut he then securely locked it. As he walked away he heard a sharp ‘click’ and he turned around just in time to see the sliding door open again, he ran back his heart pumping and shut it. He raced in to his room and grabbed his wooly blanket. As this was happening the TV flashed two words onto the screen in blood ‘I’m coming for you Jeffrey, but as Jeffrey came back into the room they faded away and left a blank screen. Jeffrey turned on the TV and wrapped himself in his blanket and fell into an un-easy sleep. While he was asleep the door clicked open again. He dreamt of a young girl screaming over and over ‘I’m coming for you Jeffrey. The girl was wearing a white blood stained dress with holes all through it. Her hair was scruffy and un-even; she wore a small, sad frown. She had bright blue eyes that were sorrowful looking. She was missing a toe and dried blood was all over her foot. Her hands were scarred and scary looking.

Jeffrey awoke sweating; his heart rate slowed down and he stood up and looked at the clock, it showed 7:32pm. He called out loudly Mum! Dad!

He ran as fast as he could towards the toilet only stopping when he reached the toilet door. He wrenched it open and there stood the girl from his dreams, standing as still and as white as a ghost. He stepped back-wards and tripped up and fell cracking his head on the low wall behind him. He fell to the floor and saw the girl take a step towards him and then it went black.

He jumped up and rubbed his head and felt warm blood oozing from a large cut down the right side of his head. He felt dizzy but he knew what to do, he knew for one thing that he had to get out of his house. He raced to the kitchen and opens the third draw down. It revealed a medium sized wooden box; he slid off the lid to reveal a small black 9mm pistol. He grabbed it and replaced the box in the draw; he then loaded it and looked out of the window, hoping his parents were alright where-ever they are. He screamed his parents bodies lay on the lawn outside covered in dark red blood. He turned back not ever wonting to look for another second. He then saw the girl come in through the sliding door covered in fresh blood. A loud ‘bang’ echoed through the house.

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