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Grosham grange


There once was a boy called Alex he was a very naughty boy. He was 11 and didn't like school the name of his school was grosham grange. So one day he decided to be so naughty he got expelled from school. He went to a school in auckland next to the beautiful blue sea. He was very arty he wanted to be just like Leonardo.

When his plan was successful he went home and waited for his parents. As they pulled up onto the driveway he got the notice out of his bag. They got inside his mum asked what he had in his hand. He told her what had happened she was so angery she waited for his dad to get home.

When his father got home and read the letter he got so angery he reach for the knife. his wifwe got in the way of the knife she got a little splinter in the chest area. Alex's Father was a bitter man Alex's grandfather was really mean to his father and know he had no legs.

Alex ran to his bedroom and slammed the door shut so know one could get in and he couldn't get out. He waited till the coast was clear and he sneaked out into the kitchen and to the fridge. He sneaked back to his room and locked the door and went to sleep.

first thing in the morning he got out of bed and got ready for school then he remember he was expelled. He was hoping it was just a bad bad dream. He was so scared he was thinking about what happened last night and said to him self " I wish i didn't do this i wish it could all just stop" So he started to write books telling kids not to leave school.


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