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You did what?

By Allyxandriana

"You did what?!" Alana shrieked. Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have told her. "It was one time! Just once Al. A mere three seconds. Its not like the roof is going to colapse on my head and Im going to be filled with locusts and catch the plague. Alana! Stop poking me with that needle!" I shouted. Alana stopped and looked at me. "Im cleansing your spirit! Its not every day you get to kiss a guy and still go to heavan." She gave me A Look. "Alana-" I warned. "Okay, okay" she snapped, putting her 'cleansing stick' back in her bag. She sighed and stared out the window. "Omigod!" she screamed in my ear. "What is it this time!" I yelled, covering my ears. "Heshere heshere heshere," she chanted, pointing. Zachary came up behind us and slid his hands over my shoulders. "Hey darling, care for another accidental me tripping over you and ending up snogging you?" he said, smiling at me. I felt myself melting. Have I ever told you how good he looks? Soft wavy brown hair that falls over his eyes... Deep chocolately eyes that you can stare into all day... This annoying little habit of sliding his hand under your chin... I nodded, tilting my head up. Alana screeched and ran out of the room. Zachary sent Another Look at her then turned back to me. He bent down and touched his lips to mine, staring into my eyes. Alex pushed the door open and stopped short with a choking cry. I jerked back, my eyes widening. "Zach!" I yelled pushing him backwards. I ran to Alex and pulled him in my arms. "I didn't mean it, hunni, I swear." I whispered into his hair as he rocked in my arms. "I know Zazu, I know," he mumbled back, his breath heating up my neck uncomfortably. I knew Zach was getting angry but I didn't want to let Alex go. "Come on Zazina, pick. Soppy dude in your arms or me, the real man." he said. I gave him The Look. We have three looks. I Cant Believe You Did This; What's Their Problem; and I Wish You Would Die Right Now. A Look, Another Look, and The Look. Zach took a step back, mumbled something about being late, and hurried out of the class. Alex pulled back and stood up properly. I looked into his eyes. Did I ever tell you about Alex? He's got these dreamy greyish eyes that go deep into your soul, and this long straggly golden hair. And this annoying little habit of making you fall in love with him.

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