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the party

By nicole

It was Michas 10 Birthday party.
She had Three friends that came to the party.I was one of them. They decided to play Spot Light.Micha was to count and katie ,lisa ,me and sam were to hide. it was after dark so it was very dim. Sam was very good at playing spot light and so after half and hour micha dicided to give up and she was feeling rather cold now But she did find me. And so samantha had won the game of spot light . " Sam , Sam"
we all called . " you can come out now. you won the game" There was no response apart from the cool brezze that was forming now.
"well she cant of gone far,
' I Lisa.
your house is only small and we can see every thing from where we are standing.
next second we heard a scream coming from the near bush.
We ran as fast as we could. And there laying was
sam. And off on to her right slitherd a poisonise
snake. sam! Sam! We gatherd round . She had been bitten and she was dieing.
we lived about an hour - two hours away from the hospital so there was no use going it would be to late.
My mum rushed out and we lifterd her into the house and onto the sofa. There was nothing we could do apart from sit there in dispare staring hopeing for a mirical.
No mirical came our way and so our desprate friend lay they with a heart that no longer pounded like the drums she plays. The three of us separated after that but sam and i stuck to gether because she is dead on michas party fore I was too. THE END

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