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By Louisa

Josh smiled at her and walked away. He didn’t answer her question, he didn’t even say a word, he just left her there, standing in the middle of the empty field. It wasn’t like he would have said yes, but he could have said something. I mean it not like Taylor was a total nerd; she had cool friends and went to parties, she’d had a boyfriend and every thing, so she got straight A’s and read a lot that didn’t mean a thing to her ex.
“Ok” Taylor look around and saw Josh he had only move a few feat away and was now looking back at her, “Are you coming?”
Taylor found herself walking over to him, she didn’t even tell her feet to move, they just did. She closed her eyes as he took her hand,
“You look nervous” He was speaking again, but she couldn’t answer, she couldn’t even look at him. It took awhile but she found her voice.
“I, ummmm… Maybe we shouldn’t go. I mean do you really want to go with me, you don’t have to say yes because you feel sorry for me, I can go with someone else….”
He bent down and kiss her gently, when he pulled away, Taylor stared at him,
“We can go” he said before putting him arm around her and walking her to the school gates.

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