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The Kids Of Steel

By Drew Ashby-King

I stood in the blank darkness just looking at nothing. I here something move in the blank darkness. I start to run there after me. The more I run the more they seem to get closer. I tripped and the next thing I new I was strapped to a bed unable to move. Im Toby I look like your simpl 13 year old but im not. Im Tobby Jonsten teenage spy. I work with 3 others. Lilly, Nick and Tom. We're the CIA's secrets but since our last mission we have been hunted down. That was my last memory the last time I was captured but it was only a dream. Now we are spread across the world at all costs trying to stay hidden but that wont last for much longer we're needed on anouther mission but this time the bar is raised.

It's going to be the best time of the year meeting the rest of the team but when they come it will be straight to business. Our boss has got some data on the group trying to find us. This group has caused all our problems but we have caused all theirs. They call themselves the BCC but no one knows what that stands for. They work under ground. Our job is to set an attack on their base and expose them to the world but there's one problem we don't know how!

We're meeting in Africa where Tom has been hiding because thats the best place to dig in and their base is not far from there but when we expose them they have sources and their main one is in Africa

We finally meet but we had to get straight to work we didn't have time. We only knew names, no faces but that's the fun of the job.

We walk out onto the plains of Africa. There was nothing in the distance but we new what we where looking for a old shack. It was the communication center for BCC. All we needed to do was blow their signal but its harder then it sounds.

But we left it to Nick he's a computer expert and with a clip of a wire it was done now it was the hard part "RUN!!" I yelled they were coming out it was the only thing I could do.

We got under ground just in time it took five days or so but we made it.

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