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Chicken soup yuck!

By rhianna stephens

I was sitting on the edge of my bed reading a book,then mum called "Dinners ready" i quickly got off my bum and raced to the kitchen then there it was gross,yucky chicken soup.
I sat down on an ugly,nearly-broken dining chair,my mum always says i can't leave the table until i finish all my dinner.I took one sip as i pulled a sick face,i blocked my nose as it slurped down my throat.I screamed to mum "yuck"
"well would you rather be grounded for two weeks"mum responded,i quickly moved my head from side to side and whispered "no"in a scared voice.I started crying my tears slipped down my face into my chicken soup mum went outside to find the cat i could hear her small whispery voice calling "here kitty".I wiped my tears and got off my chair,crept to the cupboard,got a plastic bag and chucked my bowl in the plastic bag and threw it out the window the only words going around my head were how is mum going to react.

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