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they cant live in our atmosphare

By nicole

i shell not be scared for this is my area and no one can get me in this area it is mine .racheal ,A inniceont little girl who knows her bounderies and a brother who dosent know when to stop and think and then the father in desprate hope for his children to survive a war between two kind.
Things is what they called them as who would name something you have no time to name anyway. all you have time for is to run all you have time for is to scream but you can not hide no they hunt they find and they succseed, for now.horrior and rush went through the city people sadly died. 1 Family left now ,can they survive?
Heavy breathing sneaking around dont make any sound or you will have been found they will get you to the something they call things they will pick you up so you dont see daylight again the things they lie there body language speeks , we shell not hurt you but we dont bother to peep. We know their lie we know try but they do not succseed that way.the water is red and the sky is not blue can you guess what colour that might just be too? the knock of one can the crunh of one leaf thats all the noise they need to hear to succseed. And clearly anough the girl does not understand but that crunch of the leaf has founded her sad the thing pulls her up and so the dad but brother has not been seen the two are glad what is this the thing has droped but it is the father and daughter no they are not gone and lucky for them they will not be because the thing can not live in our atmusfare.

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