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My first day of school

By Issabell

Hell, millions of people floating around me like a swarm of bees, absolute terror. these are not words you would expect to hear when you ask someone how their day was. But me, I'm different. When I hear people say 'certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed', I know there not talking about how sharp their tools are, they are referring to me. to be honest, I've tried to be normal, it just doesn't work for me. So I new my first day transferring to a new school wouldn't be easy.

As I stood, one step away from the school gates, I couldn't help contemplating whether or not I should just run for the hills. but suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a younger girl looking about as alone and confused as me. My heart was pounding as I walked over to her, but I felt happy that I would soon be brightening someone's day.

The look on her face as I edged nearer was one of complete terror and ultimate fear. "h- hi" I stammered nervously.
"oh, hello, don't think I've seen you round before" she said in a heavy English accent.
"y-yeah.. I-I'm new, n-nice to meet you".
"hey, um its been really nice to meet you and all, but I seriously gotta go.. um bye" before I could even compute what she had said, she was gone. it was like she had just vanished........ TO BE CONTINUED

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