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Afraid in Paradise

By Annabelle Davison

Flames lap the walls, smoke fills the air and fire alarms wail. A little girl screams for her parents but her words are lost within the roar of the fire. The little girl stumbles out, coughing and spluttering, tears streaming down her face as she watches her beloved island home go up in flames. A figure dressed all in black slips out of the house and into a row boat waiting in the darkness. She moves with confidence thinking she hasn't been seen, but through the tears in her eyes, the choking smoke that now filled the air and the darkness of the night. The little girl sees her parents murderer.

A scream fills the night air and Stella wakes up with a start. It takes her a moment to realise that the sound is coming from her and she quickly closes her mouth. Lighting one of her few candles that she has left she sits still, panting and sweating from the realisation of this nightmare that happened 10 or so years ago. Tears fill her eyes as she remembers all of the happy times she and her parents had together. Long walks across the White sand on the beach, splashing in the salty water on hot, summer days, sitting in a forest clearing having a picnic under the sun and sitting under the trees, trying to get shade from the unbearably hot days we sometimes had. Then my mind turns to that fateful day one summer evening. She still doesn't know if what she saw was real. If she really saw a figure slip away into the darkness. The air turns cold and Stella shivers. A gust of wind blows into what remains of her once beautiful room and within the gentle breeze, so faint that she could hardly hear it were the words "I'm going to get you Stella Jones, I swear by the sun, earth, moon and all that's above, I will get you," and it is from that moment that she knows that what she saw was real and that someone knew that she was alive and that someone was out to get her. Someone wanted her dead like her parents.

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