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The Octochicken

By Sota Osaki

The Octochicken

The story about Octochickens, laser guns and other random stuff.

Octochicken. It sounds pretty weird. Basically it’s an octopus’s torso and a chicken’s head stuck together, just bigger. Much bigger. 30m tall and 26m wide, it is as big as a small house. It weighs 16 tons and eats 800kg of meat every day. So how did anyone make such a thing? Finn McDonald, a really smart guy joined two living organisms together, and enlarged it majorly, leaving a massive aquatic creature knowns as the Octochicken.

One day it was there. Next day, it wasn’t. The disappearance of the Octochicken was nearly as big as the news when it was created. All that was left was a tiny crack on the glass, way too small for the Octochicken to fit through. It was a great mystery but just for safety, Blot Bay was closed down for 1 month. Nothing happened so the police opened it again.

It was a sunny sunny sunny Sunday full of sunshine and Bobby was at the beach on his surf board. Who is Bobby? Bobby is a curious little male human (Homo sapiens), 84 years old in dog years. He loves animals and is 1,400,000,000 nanometres tall. His curiosity once led him into an accident where he fell into a monkey enclosure at the zoo but that didn’t put a stop to his interest. Today he was trying to learn how to surf. His parents had bought him a surfboard but he didn’t know how to use it. He got the basic idea. When a big wave comes, jump you’re your surfboard and hope for the best. Practice makes progress so he jumped onto the biggest wave yet. Sadly, it wasn’t a normal wave. It was the wave created by the Octochicken rising from the surface, grabbing people and biting their heads off. The Octochicken tried to grab Bobby too but because he was speeding away on his brand new surf board, he managed to escape the Octochicken’s grabbing range.

Unfortunately, as Bobby’s surfboard hit some rocks, it turned not so brand new. It snapped into half. Bobby tried to get back to shore but realised he was going the opposite way. In fact, the Octochicken had risen closer to the shore than he was which made him surf the opposite way. Oh no. Bobby hit the rock and passed out.

The next day he woke up on an island. He could see the shore a few hundred meters away. He could also see the Octochicken eating a few police boats. Scary, he thought. This was like the game octopus. Get to the other side avoiding the Octopus without getting turned into seaweed. Here, you had to get to the other side avoiding the Octochicken and getting turned into a pile of blood and bones. He got his not so brand new surf board and started swimming on it. The Octochicken was still far away so he didn’t worry too much. He just had to keep his eyes on the creature. Now he could see some helicopters firing at the Octochicken. That wasn’t doing anything. The Octochicken just grabbed one of the helicopters and threw it at another. They both blew up. It looked like fireworks. So pretty but kind of majorly sad. He suddenly remembered. He couldn’t swim! He slowly started sinking.

Cough! He woke up, this time on a police boat with 2 other men. They were both armed with awesome laser guns. They both greeted him as he got up. They had rescued him. Hooray! Problem solved! Not. The boat suddenly shook as the Octochicken hit it. Even though the police boat was pretty big, Bobby knew it wouldn't stand a chance against the Octochicken‘s hits. Both men were firing at the Octochicken. Pew! Pew! Red lasers shot out of the guns but seemed to do nothing. One man was swept away into the ocean and the other was being held by one of the Octochicken’s arms. He was desperately holding on to the boat. Bobby ran over to the man and grabbed the man’s Taser. He tried to use it on the Octochicken but because he didn't know how to use it, he shocked the man instead. He then grabbed the man’s pepper spray. This he also didn't know how to use but somehow managed to get some on the Octochicken’s arm instead of the man. That obviously didn't do anything. He lastly took the laser gun and fired it. The backfire was too much for Bobby to handle. Boom! The laser hit the engine and it exploded. Luckily the Octochicken blew up with it. Unluckily, so did the man. The other man who was swept into the sea swam up to Bobby and helped him back to the shore.

2 years later..

Bobby and the other man who rescued him made a store called the KFO (Kentucky Fried Octochicken) and they lived happily ever after until 600 baby Octochicken escaped from their tanks from the factory. But that’s another story.

• Laser guns are awesome
• Octochickens are strong
• Sota Osaki is awesome

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