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Life of Brian

By Tye Tapene

Ace stared at the ceiling aimlessly. Ignoring his parents screaming at each other. His locked door was the only thing standing in the way of his step-father's rage, and his horribly beaten body.
"Yeah? Well your dead-beat son is just asking for it!" His father would call. He heard a loud, painful smack, and felt his anger rise. Ace hated this guy. Who did he think he was? Beating his wife. But Ace couldn't do anything about it but stare at the his door, and the tally marks scratched into the chalky paint. His eyes watered when he heard another loud 'smack' He closed his eyes, and went to sleep to the sound of pained screams.

He shot awake to the sound of his step-father banging on his door, and calling him very rude names. "Soon." He thought. "Soon. I'll stop him."

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