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My Dog Pip

By Mia Halvorson

"Oy! Stop that buddy!" I managed to say, dog sliver covering my face. What was I going to do? I had to run for it. So I did. I pushed him off me and RAN!!!! He caught up right away. I ran outside the back door. And whoops..... I slipped. Pip did too. But for some reason, it felt like I was falling? Maybe it was just my reaction? But no. I was falling down a 50 metre hole in the ground. Why would someone dig so deep? I asked my self. I grabbed Pip and hoped for the best.
3 minutes later, we landed. Surprisingly, not hurting my self. What is this? Why was there a hole? I had so many questions to ask! Pip was shaking. It was suddenly getting colder. I was scared. What was I going to do? While I was thinking, my body lifted off the ground. ''What"!? I said out loud. I heard a voice. Behind me. I wanted to turn around, but I also didn't. What if it was an alien or something scarey? I did. It was nothing! Then I heard it again. I wanted to scream. I looked down at pip and saw his little mouth talking! A Talking dog? Weird..... "Pip? Was that you?"
"Yes! Who else would it be? Not a cat.... Not a......" He hesitated. " Not a stinky human like that one with short hair." "Me? I have short curly hair?" " no you are a wonderful human."
I heard another voice. Suddenly, I blinked. I opened my eyes, and there was mum. And Pip.

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